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The next update will be provided the first week of 2023

*{+}UPDATE 01/05/2023{+}* : We are targeting the week of January 23rd for the release of Server Backup Manager 6.16.5
This release will introduce beta support for 5.10/5.11 kernels, will contain multiple product fixes and improvements, and will provide the necessary framework for future support of 5.13/5.14/5.15 kernels.

h1. {color:#172b4d}Known Issues{color}

{color:#000000}{*}Common Problems and Issues{*}{color}
* {color:#172b4d}When Disk Safes grow larger than 32TB, backups fail with : "reset(): database or disk is full", even when sufficient storage space is available.{color}
* {color:#172b4d}If you are using DCC to centrally monitor and manage SBMs and you see a loss of synchronization post upgrade to SBM 6.16.2, as a first step click Refresh SBM on the DCC UI to force fetch the updates. If the issue remains, "Restart" the SBM that is failing to sync.{color}
* {color:#172b4d}File search  will run forever for protected machines with EFI partitions, the search will get stuck in /boot/efi.   As a workaround, specify the starting path for the search.{color}